iTools® CMS

iTools® Web application framework

iTools® Application Framework exploits a number of useful technologies to create fast, scalable, and customizable Web applications, trying to optimize performance and minimize the code necessary to write a complete application.
iTools® Application Framework focuses on the modularity of the application in order to exploit particularly configurable and extensible components able to meet the needs of the programmer.

iTools® web components

The presence of HTML graphic components guarantees an additional step of modularity to the application, in fact, components created externally to the application can be inserted and initialized in a practical and fast way, the scheme suggested by iTools® Web Application Framework is to implement an MVVM pattern in order to ensure a clear separation between the data model and its representation.

iTools® Designer

iTools® Designer is a real environment in which to develop applications mainly in the IoT or WEB. sector.
iTools® Designer is a real development environment that allows you to manage applications, therefore, projects and project templates, an “open” environment, designed to host objects of various kinds and with different purposes.
iTools® Designer is a tool that involves Visual Studio and SCADA packages, allowing the development of complex objects that can then be integrated and managed by the designer with significantly lower efforts and without the need for programming skills.
iTools® Designer integrates and makes available a series of objects provided by iTools® Application for the development of a real application.


OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine for processing the communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation.
The distinctive features are:

The integral information model, which is the necessary infrastructure for integrating information in which suppliers and organizations can model their complex data in an UA OPC namespace, take advantage of the rich Service-Oriented Architecture of OPC UA.