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The IToolS® Express ecosystem is composed of a set of uniform objects, which may be used in different development environments linked to each other and able to give rise to complex applications and systems.

IToolS® Express consists of software components that can be compared to the bricks that are combined or integrated to compose the software structure of the application. 
IToolS® Express currently represents the “hard core” of the framework and is at the basis of subsequent developments that reach up to the current period.

IToolS® is not tied to technologies on the market.The libraries that are on the market can be more contextualized to certain brands of industrial automation, unlike IToolS®.
IToolS® is a framework composed of more than 100 components. 

IToolS® Application is a complete application that defines the rules for generating new objects. 

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IToolS Express

IToolS Express The IToolS® Express ecosystem is the

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IToolS Application

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